Medical Coding

Having handled time and cost critical coding projects, we have developed a flawless coding procedure that brings clarity and accuracy to your medical coding. Our medical coding services comprise of certified medical coding specialists who have worked on claims across multiple specialties. The process of our medical coding services ensures clean claims, few denials and improved revenue for your practice.

Why Choose Lister's Medical Coding Services?


Our medical coding team is proficient with CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS level II codes across various specialties


Coding is done in accordance with NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) and LCD (Local coverage decision and medical policies) guidelines


Clean claims and fewer denials. Our stringent quality checks ensure an accuracy level of over 98% in processing the claims


Quick cash flows. Your claims are processed and submitted within two working days.


Medical coding expertise in over 10 Specialties


Saves your time and resources. You have more time for patient care and you can utilize your resources in other areas of your practice


Reduce and control operating costs. Outsourcing your medical coding helps you lower the costs associated with additional employees and office infrastructure.

Medical Coding – Process

We provide great medical coding services because our process is simple and easy to follow. Our medical coding specialists access patient's Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from client's practice management system every day and analyze the records. Codes are assigned as per medical diagnosis and specialty.

Our quality assurance team checks the claim for:

  • Incorrect or missing diagnosis
  • Incorrect or missing modifiers
  • Incorrect or missing procedure code

Suitable action is taken on the claim and sent to the client through EHR/FTP. We provide continuous feedback to our client with regards to the changes in the codes in order to provide the most accurate and reliable services.

How Lister Works